Are You Guilty of Emasculating Men? Do This Instead

"He'll just get up and walk right out. He will never call you again. And he'll make you look and feel very foolish and stupid for even attempting to emasculate him as he makes his abrupt exit out of your life forever."

Are You Guilty of Emasculating Men? Do This Instead

Modern women in the West seem to be expert emasculators. And they find themselves struggling with being masculine and far less feminine for a large multitude of reasons.

Yesterday I created a post on Instagram specifically for men that explained why they shouldn't expect nor encourage women to possess certain masculine attributes, such as being a loner, being a political pundit and debating women, etc.

It wasn't the men who got offended by the post, it was the women. They left scathing criticisms all over the post insisting they just adore politically debating i.e. emasculating men. In fact, they are zealots about it.

They will absolutely die on the hill of politically picking apart the men they date to size them up to see whether or not they have the cojones to send them packing along with their emasculating baloney.

I'm just going to tell you the truth here:

No highly desirable, masculine man on earth is going to welcome being challenged and picked apart by you intellectually in a debate.

He is not going to allow you to emasculate him either.