Why So Many of Today's Women Expect Men to Be Feminine and How It Prevents Them From Loving You

"However, a strong, daring, heroic type of masculine man isn't going to want to be feminine with you. And he isn't going to expect you to be masculine and act like a dude either."

Why So Many of Today's Women Expect Men to Be Feminine and How It Prevents Them From Loving You

What I'm about to say will probably be considered very controversial. And let's face it, I'm also considered very old-fashioned by today's standards.

However, being that I'm an older woman and lived in a time and place in society where things weren't so fouled up that all anyone can do now is shake their head in disbelief, there were things that just made perfect sense in the culture I grew up in.

Mainly, it reflected in the following:

a) Men were allowed and encouraged to be men

b) Women were allowed and encouraged to be women

And especially, boys were encouraged to be hard and tough. They were called nancyboys, limp-wristed dorks, pansies, wussies, you name it, when they weren't hard and tough.

And they were completely okay with that and corrected and polished their behavior to match the ever-masculine ideal.

Today they would call that bullying. Back then, it was just common sense. And men enjoyed fulfilling their roles in these very natural capacities.

There was a lot more gender segregation too. OOPS, very, very bad idea these days huh?

That's right, we didn't get manis and pedis with our boyfriends.

We didn't ride BMX and compete alongside boys at the bike track (because the truth of the matter is, no girl on earth could compete at that level and still can't, we knew it, and we were fine with it because we much preferred watching our guys compete rather than try pitifully to take up a boy's sport like BMX).

So what does all this have to with men loving or not loving you when you encourage them to be more like women? Well, let me just say... A lot