The Red Pill is Turning Men Into Huge Dorks

"You have to tighten up your game, folks. First impressions are everything. And dork texts and dialogue just aren't going to cut it now or ever."

The Red Pill is Turning Men Into Huge Dorks

Hi everyone, I hope you were able to tune into our livestream on Red Pill Rescue last evening from which we discussed today's ever-prevalent "dork culture" and how the red pill is turning men into dorks.

I mentioned that there's a hyperdrive state of dorkiness in the red pill where typical nice guys who've gotten friendzoned, dumped in the past and have otherwise had terrible luck with women, end up in this hyperdrive reactionary state of dorkiness.

They won't express emotions in front of a woman.

Every little interaction they have with women is wrought with overthinking and ensuring they will never invite in any intimacy.

It's ridden with negging, which is mostly a lowly approach because the man who engages in it can't compliment a woman sincerely and say it from his chest with smooth confidence.

The red pill promotes mostly obnoxious behavior for men. A sense of humor, a way with words, and being laid back and cool are all a big no no according to them.

Instead you are to barf statistics on marriage all over strange women you hardly know. You're supposed to get them to feel sorry for you and pity f*ck you because you're not "the top dog."

Indeed, autism and its accompanying Rain Man dialogue is how you're supposed to conduct yourself with women.

Then we had the misfortune of viewing several clips of the "Whatever" podcast that is hosted by red pill dorks that have the collective personality of a dial tone.

The body language of the women in the presence of these men says everything. They were all BORED to tears.

Look guys, women don't want to talk about divorce statistics. They don't want any resentful butthurt talk about how 99% of men are ignored and 1% get all the punanny.

They don't want to hear about your Madonna/whore complex where it's evident you're still a sexually frustrated simp idealizing virgin women and hope to marry one someday meanwhile, you are a complete DUD who goes around discussing this socially awkward trash as a focal point in your conversations.

And this "Whatever" podcast Brian character insists he "destroys" women in debates.

I said he should probably focus on destroying women in bed rather than be a dork talking about all this rubbish that women just plain don't want to talk about.

I'm constantly ragging on the fact that it's not men's money or looks or lack thereof. Women these days just want a guy who can demonstrate some bare minimum social competence.

And according to the red pill, women are too picky if they don't want to date a guy who texts them, "I going to pick up me doggy for the dog walky. You wanna come and have a latty and walkey with me doggy and do up a doggy treeeat?"

That's right. Women's standards are too damned high because they don't want to go out with dudes who use baby talk unironically and vomit bullshit statistics all over them as a conversation piece.

Luckily, I help men get situated in this area. I also have two expert flirting courses I often give to my male clients that help get them on the road towards having solid game and being able to talk to women.

You have to tighten up your game, folks. First impressions are everything. And dork texts and dialogue just aren't going to cut it now or ever.

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