Why You Need Personality and Character as a Man Above All to Be Successful With Women

"They are teaching you how to be socially awkward. Crapping on people and expecting them to like you anyway is the quintessential definition of being socially awkward."

Why You Need Personality and Character as a Man Above All Else to Do Well With Women

Uh oh. I know what you're thinking. "Character and personality with women? Why on earth would I need or even want any of that?!"

I'm aware of all the conditioning today's men are confronted with these days from terrible and outright ridiculous online caricatures of a what a man should be.

They insist that to do well with women:

You need all this otherwise no woman is ever going love you. And that's probably exactly what you believe right?

I'm sure you've also noticed that 99% of these men going around parroting this same nonsense above aren't doing well with women by any stretch. But they keep parroting it, believing it, and getting angry at women and themselves when it doesn't pan out.

I received a heartfelt message the other day from a young man who happened upon my work when he was in a bind and has since found himself on an upward trajectory in all aspects of his life.

He bought into the line that "women only care about looks and a great physique" when it comes to men. And he was spinning his wheels in believing that character and personality don't matter.

Let's hear what he has to say....