How to Be a More Traditionally Masculine Man and Why It's Extremely Attractive to Women

"Men are the moral arbiters of society. Always have been, always will be. They dictate how women should act and they set the standard. And the reason so many women are in a state of disrepair today is because they are surrounded by men who are dishonest and have no standards."

How to Be a More Traditionally Masculine Man and Why It's Extremely Attractive to Women

Traditionally masculine. What exactly does that mean? It means far more than you might think but it's also not that complicated and it's pretty straightforward.

Many of you are aware and I've said it numerous times in the past that traditionalism seems to have been reduced to an "aesthetic." It's something you cosplay and pretend to be in the hopes of attracting a more traditional man or woman.

And the red pill doesn't help matters in insisting that being masculine and traditional is sleeping with a ton of chicks and treating them like rubbish in order to control them.

I promise you, you don't have to go in this direction at all. And I think we need to be more clear on what it means to be traditionally masculine.

Several weeks ago, I saw an Instagram reel featuring a woman dishing the truth on traditional, masculine men and she said something along the lines of, "A traditional man isn't going to put up with being belittled, verbally abused and emasculated. He'll just get up and walk right out and you'll never see him again."

And a man in the comments quips back with, "Yeah, modern women want a traditional man but they don't want them to be this traditional do they?"

I laughed out loud. Zinger. Because it's true. Women seem to want a traditionally masculine man, but they become frustrated when they have to deal with his ethical and moral compass that comes standard issue with any traditional, masculine man.

Then they go into war bride mode and throw themselves at their feet in desperation to lock him down after being (rightfully) put in check. And once again, by that point, the traditional, masculine man is long gone.