5 Major Signs He's Wasting Your Time and Why You Should Dump Him

"If there's a bottleneck of women he's keeping in rotation, dump him. You will not win here. You will not be able to compete. Because he has no intention of settling down with any one woman in the first place."

5 Major Signs He's Wasting Your Time and Why You Should Dust Him

As a woman, it's your job to preserve your femininity. You have to have boundaries with men. You have to know when to draw the line with men who are intent on wasting your time. Because if you don't, it's YOU with everything in the world to lose.

Men don't lose much at all from a preservation standpoint in wasting a woman's time. They can't get pregnant or get their heart broken as easily in having casual sex. They don't have a stained reputation to worry about. And they surely don't have a laundry list of consequences many women face when they allow a man to waste their better years.

Luckily, I host a femininity coaching group with live Zoom Q&A sessions 3 times a month to help you prevent all this from happening to you. And you also receive daily expert advice in picking the right man, vetting men to find out their real intentions and preserving your femininity, all while keeping your heart open for the right man when he does come along.

It's true that the onus is on us to preserve our femininity. And there are many ways in which men will throw up roadblocks in your efforts to preserve it.

And today we're going to talk about how men will waste your time if you let them.

When men waste your time, they've determined they don't want you for a relationship but they also don't want to let you go. They enjoy the free sex, attention, emotional attachment on your end that feeds his ego, and a number of other benefits he believes he can get from you without being committed.