5 Sexy Moves to Make on a Woman That She'll Love

"It's attractive to women because you are not afraid of demonstrating this signature body language that only men can pull off. It's something that only men can do that drives masculinity and polarity."

5 Sexy Moves to Make on a Woman That She'll Love

I'm always stressing that men need to focus more on the attraction they feel for a woman instead of all the other white noise bs they seem to be preoccupied with.

So many men deviate from the raw attraction they have for a woman because they feel ashamed of it, feel ashamed of their own manhood and therefore, feel ashamed to make a move like a man should on a woman.

And the shame they feel causes them to focus more on the white noise bs that gets them friendzoned while being very disappointed in her decision to not move forward because they let all these other things get in the way of their attraction.

Or they become an emotional tampon. Or they relegate themselves to being the guy she ignores because he blends into the background waiting for her to make a move like a man (not going to happen, guys) instead of getting in there and shooting their shot.

First, you have to stop being ashamed of being a man attracted to a woman. It's perfectly natural to feel this raw attraction. And if you operate from shame, women will sense it and they won't be attracted to you and they will reject you.

You will be awkward.

You will appear apprehensive instead of smooth and confident.

You will punish yourself for not being "perfect" (more white noise bs) in the right moment and you will avoid making a move.

Thus, you need to allow yourself to concentrate on the attraction only. Get rid of everything else and FEEL your attraction for her and fully embrace it.

Say to yourself, "Alright, I like this girl and I'm not going to start feeling like shit about it. I have desires like a normal, heterosexual guy and I'm going to go for it because I want to."

And the following moves will help you to feel the attraction and fully focus on it rather than listening to all the white noise in your head that causes you to forever fumble it with women...

Let's take a look: