Why You Need to Shoot Your Shot as a Man and Why Nothing Else Matters in Your Approach With Women

"And if you have trouble with thinking women are flawless, perfect little angels, realize women are NOT flawless, perfect little angels. Her prettiness doesn't make her superhuman. It simply makes her exterior inviting for you to go up to her like a man and ask her out."

Why You Need to Shoot Your Shot as a Man and Why Nothing Else Matters When It Comes to Women

Shooting your shot. What does that even mean? And why is shooting your shot crucially important above all else in initially dealing with women?

There's a whole lot of noise on the internet from guys in various dating niches, from red pill to blue pill and everything in between who are giving you shoddy advice with regard to shooting your shot.

So what exactly is shooting your shot?

It's making a move on a woman and expressing sincere interest in her romantically as a man from the get go.

Sounds pretty straightforward, doesn't it? That's because it is. Men have only gotten overly confused about it in this day and age because a lot of male dating coaches and gurus online are teaching men how to be very bad and unconvincing liars to women.

They tell you to:

I could go on forever. However, I won't. I'm simply going to tell you how and why you need to shoot your shot so you can get the girl you really want.