Big Signs You're a Dating Idiot

"That means you will have to make a move, guys. It can be as simple as manspreading and conveying confidence. Putting your arm around her waist. Kissing her at the end of the date."

Big Signs You're a Dating Idiot

Calling someone a dating idiot seems kind of harsh. And it is. It's also highly relevant to anyone just barely getting by in today's dating scene. I'm sure you've been on dates where you're thinking, "I can totally see why this person is single," and it points to them being what I call a "dating idiot."

And what usually happens to dating idiots is that people never contact them again for a second date. The saddest part about this scenario is that dating idiots never really know why people don't call back and proceed to ghost them. They can't tie two-and-two together and pinpoint exactly why they're not staying on anyone's radar and keep getting ditched.

Worst of all, many refuse to acknowledge their possible role in these situations. They could date 30 people and have every single one of these dates end on a very sour note in the exact same rate and manner as all their previous 29 dates ended and they will still blame the other person.

"Women's expectations are too high."

"Men are jerks and only want sex."

And on and on.