How to Expertly Deal With a Woman Who's Ballbusting You

"He would have opened a floodgate/pandora's box of emasculating sabotage into her psyche and into their relationship, and soon, the impending death by a thousand cuts emasculating hellride would have commenced."

How to Expertly Deal With a Woman Who's Ballbusting You

Last night I uncovered some painful truths as to why modern women are emasculating i.e. ballbusting men through political debates to see whether or not they're dealing with a dork they can steamroll and castrate.

Many modern guys have trouble dealing with these modernized masculina ballbusters. Like women, they seem to think this is standard behavior in relationships that keeps people interested in them.

"If I let her bust my balls, it'll make her happy. Just so long as she's happy, I don't care what I have to put up with."

"If I bust his balls, it will chop him down to size so he'll suddenly fit in the palm of my hand and be the kind of man I can actually handle."

Then these people get dumped, blame the other person and soon, they're all up and down Facebook declaring all men/women are jerks.