The TRUE Signs They Are Absolutely Serious About Marrying You

"She's likely cut off many of her friends and acquaintances that she spent a lot of time with when she was single. She's done with "the single life" and she is more intent on acting like a wife. She's not acting like a single woman. She's very much taken and it shows."

The TRUE Signs They Are Absolutely Serious About Marrying You

In today's Part V of this series on dating properly leading to marriage, we will be discussing the surefire signs your loving, adorable person absolutely without a doubt wants to marry you.

In Part IV in "How to Escalate in Dating For Marriage and Where Things Will Get Rocky," I mentioned that your relationship should be accelerating in a more linear fashion:

  • They are showing up consistently. The relationship has a clear layer of emotional attachment and support that continues to grow and progress in the right direction.
  • You've reached a new level of intimacy after resolving the more turbulent and rocky parts where applicable.
  • They are willing to be much more honest with you about your relationship and the seriousness of it.
  • They have made it clear they want exclusivity with you and you should already be in exclusive relationship.

And there are even more surefire signs to look out for that the person is 100% serious about marrying you.

Note: Men will present slightly differently in their desire for marriage, and women will present slightly differently. However, both men and women will share commonalities in sharing in the pursuit and desire for commitment leading towards marriage.

Here are the obvious clues as they pertain to both sexes: