Major Red Flags in Dating Leading to Marriage

"They will have difficulty with commitment as the ability to pair bond will be a big obstacle. They likely may not be able to share any real intimacy that leads to a committed and fulfilling relationship."

Major Red Flags in Dating Leading to Marriage

In my last post of this series on, "How to Date Properly Leading to Marriage," I discussed getting to date 2 where things tend to be on the up and up with few to no unforeseen problems.

Always remember, people remain on their very best behavior in these earlier stages and looks can be (and often are) deceiving. We also tend to project our own versions of perfection and idealization on the person because it's a new connection. We are very excited about it and we just want it to work out.

However, we will eventually have to take our blinders off and see the real person. And fortunately for you, your potential beau/gal will soon start to display the real person, flaws, baggage, red flags and all.

And below, I've compiled a list of a major red flags that may come up in these much earlier stages. They may even rear their ugly little heads long before you ever get to a 2nd date.

But after the 2nd date, you will be begin getting to know the person on a more intimate level and there are bound to be snafus that come up that could raise some concerns, where you will need to remain very cautious in going forward.

Also, in my next post on this series, I won't be leaving you hanging in just learning to spot major red flags. I will also give you some in-depth information on some major green flags you need to pay attention to as well.

For now, let's take a gander at what you may encounter as far as major red flags after date 2: