Red Pill "Masculine" Behaviors That Will Get You Nowhere With Women

"Ideals and perceptions change. Your whole attitude about life, women and relationships will inevitably transform where you will want more than just to finally accomplish getting laid."

Red Pill "Masculine" Behaviors That Will Get You Nowhere With Women

If you've happened upon this website/my content on Instagram or Twitter, you may have found yourself eagerly moving away from red pill nonsense.

I tend to enjoy poking holes (and lord knows there's a great many holes to poke through red pill "theory") in the red pill's tall tales concerning how to get women.

First, let's just narrow down the fact that the red pill is a very substandard short-term mating strategy at base minimum. And most any red pill guru among us is stumped and stupefied in confronting their inability to find a lasting, long-term relationship.

The red pill positions itself as a "game" strategy. They've arrogantly gone in and attempted to redefine game to mean something other than getting people whipped on you.

That's right, folks. The game is about LOVE. You expertly making people fall in love with you for the rest of their existence on this planet is what the game is all about. And the vast majority of red pill men trying to "teach" you game have never even had a woman love them.

That's why they come from a place of bitterness and revenge. That's why they're angry at women online day in and day out and haven't cracked the code in terms of winning a woman's undying love and respect.