Red Pill Dating Trends to Ignore in 2022

"Lots and lots of pretty girls out here can't keep a man's attention and shift it towards anything meaningful. Concentrate on the human side of yourself that inspires human emotion/connection and you can have any man you want."

Red pill dating trends to ignore in 2022

Proud Masculinity on Instagram and I pride ourselves a bit on post-red pill thinking leaning towards the unvarnished truth and accepting nothing but the truth–but the key difference is we are intent on using the truth to our advantage.

Whereas black pill and mgtow or wgtow (FDS women) focuses solely on dropping out of the dating race and humanity altogether–with legions of both men and women alike having sworn off marriage, family and having children.

You must remember that our entire existence as human beings is to survive, to thrive and to crossover into new frontiers. The world is our oyster and it's ours for the taking, and we can each claim a piece of it for ourselves and call it our halcyon age and seize all the glory and triumph we desire.

I'm certain that the folks who read this webpage are beyond the red pill, but they're still lingering around in red pill spaces and having a go around with nihilistic red pill thought that serves them no real usefulness nor relevance in their everyday lives.