Signs You've Made Real Improvements as a Man

"The negative patterns and behavior are a former sore spot and phase in your life that you no longer dwell on because in its place is behavior that provides you with confidence and results."

Signs You've Made Authentic Improvements as a Man

I work with a lot of guys who are finding success in coming out of being the dreadful "nice guy" that has trouble sustaining interest with women.

I also assist them in building other areas of their life that are incidental to improving as a man aside from finding success romantically. These drastic changes they are able to make help them transform their entire lives from top to bottom.

At the root of being a nice guy is disenfranchisement and disempowerment in many other aspects. They tend to have trouble with connecting with people overall because the nice guy keeps getting in the way.

Or they were a nice guy that morphed into being an asshole. Not the kind of asshole that they perhaps admire when they see those tangible qualities in other men, but the kind that overcompensates into being an asshole about to blow a fuse because he's coming from a place of bitterness and anger.

This is not making progress in any sense. It may seem like going from being a nice guy to being on this other side of the spectrum is a positive and much needed change.

It isn't.

However, a lot of the men who follow my work won't get placed in either of these boxes because they can find the healthy medium.

They discover that sweet spot between nice guy and asshole that helps them feel stronger, more capable and more confident where their lives begin to flourish in every way.

Thus the following is how you can determine if you are on the right path towards making authentic changes that will help you balance that healthy medium where you can be cool and relaxed while also being assertive and confident: