Ladies, This is How a Masculine Man Will Treat You When He Truly Loves You

"Always remember, men aren't dummies. Especially the more masculine men among us. They know all the right moves to make with women hence, why you're attracted to them in the first place. All they need is for you to be open and accepting of how he will express his feelings to you, as a man."

This is How a Masculine Man Will Treat You When He Truly Loves You

Many women today feel a bit left out in the cold as to the signs to look for when a masculine man they deeply desire and want to commit to will return the favor by deeply desiring them and committing to them.

There was that old, trusty saying that was popular back in the aughts, "He's just not that into you," where women would accept that a man wasn't into them, take it to heart, move on from the man, and proceed to find another man who is actually into them. No harm, no foul, no years-long situationships that lead nowhere and no talking stage bs that goes looping on forever.

Thus, it's no wonder it's a bit confusing to modern women. The lines don't seem to be as clear as they used to be and unfortunately, because these lines are blurred, they very often get crossed.

A bit ago, I wrote a detailed post on "Why Masculine Men Don't Talk About Their Feelings" and what you should expect from them instead by way of him being fully actionable e.g. consistently showing up, being supportive of your own feelings and emotions, etc.

And today we're going to dive deeper and go into further detail in how a masculine man will express his love for you.

Note: You won't see a whole bunch of emojis. You won't hear him belt out a slew of flowery words like you're at a poetry recital. You won't see him doing synchronized cartwheels across the living room floor nor will he get a bunch of cows to lie down in a field and spell out your name.

But the key is, it will be meaningful to you and he will make it point to make it meaningful to you. He will put a lot of thought into how he wants to express his feelings for you so that you will be emotionally satisfied and fulfilled.

So let's get started on the real specifics on how a masculine man will show his appreciation and true love for you...