What You Should Tell a Man Who Wants Anal Sex

"As I said, I realize it's very controversial for me to even take a stand against butt stuff in this top down degenerate society where butt stuff is so common, it's akin to guys in my generation trading baseball cards in the 80's.

What You Should Tell a Man Who Wants Anal Sex

Lots of guys who are some flavor of dysfunctional coomer NPC these days always seem to want butt stuff. In some roundabout way, sooner or later, they will let it be known to you that they expect you to have anal sex.

I've been ragging on and on about this on Instagram the past few days exposing the destructive scheme behind the promotion of anal sex in modern society.

And women are feeling tremendous pressure from NPCs of every possible stripe that they have to use their rear ends with men otherwise "they aren't sexy, men will think they are prudes, and no man will ever love them" if they aren't willing to go deeper and deeper into butt stuff (pardon the pun).

Bullshit. And if you carefully piece together what kind of NPC man you are dealing with who demands anal sex, it's because he's effeminate in ways that are obvious and maybe not so obvious.

  • He's a porn addict.
  • He's likely impotent to a much larger degree hence the need for much harsher stimulation than what your young, fecund body can provide.
  • He has no stamina and has trouble with maintaining an erection which is why he needs butt stuff because he can't achieve arousal in any other way.
  • He is socially awkward in some way that sticks out to you that makes you very uncomfortable and he turns you off regardless. You may simply feel you are in a vulnerable position and you can't say no, protest or nor disapprove of his proclivities for butt stuff because you don't want to be seen as a prude.

The pressure on women to have anal sex is immense. Many young women have shared these concerns with me and I try my best to assure them that a healthy, well-adjusted, masculine man isn't going to require anal sex from you.

He just won't. Several of these women also went on to confess that they've been involved with masculine men after dealing with NPC effeminate men who want butt stuff and they can see the stark difference.

The guy is just.... Wait for it...

Normal. Entirely normal in the bedroom and also has great stamina and loves her body and lady parts as is.

He has no trouble performing, gets an erection with normal stimulation in no time flat, and he has a healthy attitude towards sex overall.

Ironclad rule, NO exceptions: