Are You Emasculating Him Without Realizing It?

"Men aren't stupid. Any man who's worth anything in this world is not naive when it comes to women. They know what's expected of them and they know they are supposed to fulfill certain male expectations in the relationship."

How modern women emasculate men

Many women today emasculate men without even realizing it in a variety of ways. They've been conditioned to "do it all" in the relationship then proceed to do an about face and blame him for "not stepping up" and assuming the masculine role.

However, it's not always so obvious to women that they've taken on the male role in the relationship. Women today are not taught how to be ladies in the truest sense of the word "lady."

They won't allow him to step up in a traditional manner in behaving like a gentleman who makes the first move, calls first, texts first, pays, and has to actually put some real thought and action into how he's going to accomplish all this and when.