When You Should Distance Yourself From a Man and When You Shouldn't

"Men NEED this tension from you when they are coming on strong. Your absence will give him a clearer head (primarily the one down there) and he will make some favorable adjustments in his behavior towards you."

When you should distance yourself from a man

The other night I discussed how to be sweet to a man without stepping on his toes and serving up some undo pressure on him that always turns men off.

But what about when he's a proud underachiever so to speak in your budding relationship? Or what if it's a guy you just matched with a couple weeks ago and he just doesn't seem to want to engage?

Bear in mind with all these issues plaguing modern dating culture, people in general are apt to be very lazy in their approach to others romantically. After all, you're competing with millions of people who are dopamine junkies. And these junkies have fed countless egos where this very small percentage of people having their ego fed are running circles around everyone else.

Luckily if you've found yourself smack dab right here on these pages, I'm here to expertly teach you how to be in that top spot. That's right, you get to flip the switch on this dynamic once and for all and use it to your advantage.