Dopamine Hacking: How and Why You Have to Mess With People's Hormones to Keep Them Interested

"It's probably very uncomfortable for you to even imagine having to wait for anything. Our entire society is based on instant gratification and dopamine. 'Do what feels good right now and don't bother caring about what actually works later."

How to hack their dopamine to get them to stay attracted to you

There's a glaringly huge problem among today's dating marketplace and that problem is dopamine. And I would argue that dopamine is the entire issue surrounding today's dating marketplace malaise.

The past week I've been touching on dopamine quite a bit and how it's damaging people's ability to form true and lasting bonds in any budding relationship. The person loses interest at record speed and you get ghosted and left wondering what went wrong.

It's because dopamine hits alone don't make for lasting attraction.

And you yourself have likely fallen prey to seeking out your own dopamine peaks and valleys (mostly peaks) in meeting people and interacting with them.

Hell, I've fallen into the dopamine trap myself with social media being a major culprit. I find myself looking for the next big dopamine fix in seeing something fleetingly "fascinating" aka distracting on Instagram.

For the rest of you single lovelies out there, it typically goes as follows:

The little notification bell rings on Hinge = dopamine hit

You procured a match on the app = dopamine hit

You matched with someone "hot" = dopamine hit