Why You're Having Real Trouble Running Game in 2023 and How To Start Doing It Properly

"When our behavior stinks, people don't like us. They just don't, because they can't. They simply can't see past the unlikable behavior in order to want to get inside and discover the true and honest parts of ourselves they actually would like."

Why You're Having Real Trouble Running Game in 2023 and How To Start Doing It Properly

Take a good, long look around you. Virtually no one has any game in 2023.

Hence why they're crying up down social media making reels and TikToks, broadcasting their snafus with men and women and blaming the opposite sex for not loving them and screwing them over.

Which is understandable. Young people are told love is impossible and doesn't exist.

It's true, isn't it? You've been relegated to not believing love even exists. People tell you "it's a fairytale." That Santa Claus is more real than finding a loving and mutually satisfying, committed relationship.

Also, when's the last time you found any decent game resource out there to assist you in this area (I mean, besides my expert information of course)? And I'm sure you've gathered by now, the red pill doesn't count.

I had a guy tell me the other day that he's glad he found my wealth of information online because, "You show people how to have game, not how to play games."

He's right.

Luckily, I have over 350+ articles on this site to help you get started and to truly understand how game works.

Regardless of whether people know what game is, people surely know what love is. And they definitely want it. But their attitude, behavior and approach will never invite anyone to truly love them.

Most people today seem to think game falls along the lines of:

  • Sleeping with everybody. Doesn't matter who, when, or how, just sleep with any and all people and you'll be good to go.
  • Being cruel to people. Ghosting, petty and cringe crybaby arguments in the DMs like two kids throwing dirt in each other's faces in the sandbox, and playing ego games is standard.
  • Discussing politics, body counts (ugh, such a horrible modernist term, no doubt), shaming people into having uncomfortable, too-soon conversations about marriage or hooking up on the first date, and/or having pseud0-moralistic views on the way men and women should act.
  • Being a dork and confessing your undying love for someone you've barely met and coming at them like a smothering, inappropriate aunt, or the out there, gross uncle who's desperate for sex and attention from anyone who will give it to them.

People will do everything but entice and enchant the other person, be likable, cool and laid back, and avoid being cringe altogether.