Alexander Cortes at the 22 Convention: Sovereignty and Crisis

"You know you don't want to live under the vice grip of someone else's control. So release their control and find your grip on your own reality. Let go. Then go find yourself."

Alexander Cortes at 22 convention sovereignty and crisis

I've been meaning to share this fascinating speech (Ajac's speeches are always fascinating as you all very well know) by my good friend and colleague, Alexander Cortes. Last summer he once again shared with us his unique and revolutionary ideas concerning today's issues in which men need to "relearn" to rely upon themselves and begin to regain their own sovereignty.

"No one is coming to save you." Men like Alexander who are wise and have long been awake have taken to the interwebs to make this fact known far and wide.

And it's worth repeating because I'm certain men throughout history and civilization the world over haven't had to ask anyone to conduct their own lives as they see fit.

Men are explorers, decision-makers and problem solvers by nature. It's only been in the last 20 years or so that men have been conditioned to look completely outside of themselves to find the freedom within they hold as their own natural birthright.

Everybody's telling men what to do. What they can't do. What they "shouldn't" do. But they never really explain why except to say, "Men are bad. They need to be stifled, silenced and controlled because well, men are bad."

As a man, you should find this sentiment outrageous and unacceptable and therefore, your rebellious instincts should kick in and say, "Hey eff you and the horse your rode in on, chief!"

You can't govern your own lives because some noodle neck weirdo tells you you're bad just by virtue of being a man? Think about that for a moment.

Why should you give a damn what anyone says about how you're living out your own sovereign existence as a man?

Caring about what these people say and think has already gotten you so thoroughly confused about everything it means to be a man. That's why you've found yourself here sifting through these pages and following both Alexander and myself on social media.

There are a lot of questions you want answers for, don't you?

Men, it's up to you to look within your heart and reach down deep into your soul and know who and what you are as a man–what drives you, what keeps you up at night, what keeps those wheels turning inside you and what kind of life you want to envision and create for yourself.

Trust that you have full permission as a man in your own right to do just that. No one is going to save you and that's a good thing, because then you will have to figure out exactly what you want (and need) to do as a man to save yourself from a life in chains.

You know you don't want to live under the vice grip of someone else's control. So release their control and find your grip on your own reality.

Let go. Then go find yourself.

Not trying to get fresh here but, how about those thighs huh? That might be another goal you can set here for yourself, guys...

Ajac's thighs lol. Thighs that can choke a bear and snap its neck. Le sigh hahahaha

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