Do Women Find You Disgusting and Repulsive? Yes - And Here's What You Need to Do About It

"Do you honestly think that a sexy, beautiful woman you'd love to be with, who is meticulous from head-to-toe in her own standards of appearance and personal upkeep is going to want to rub up next to a stinky man? Really?"

Do Women Find You Disgusting and Repulsive? Yes - And Here's What You Need to Do About It

It's a pretty harsh deal for me to get right down to business and suggest women find you disgusting and repulsive.

No guy wants to hear that. It's a very tough pill to swallow that hurts like hell going down if you come to the realization that it just might be true.

However, the good news is, women don't find you disgusting and repulsive because you're not Chad, don't make a bazillion million dollars and don't have 12-pack abs.

It's possible that it may be for a few other reasons of which you remain in denial. You know something is radically wrong in your dealings with women and you may be digging in your heels because you are evermore reluctant to fix it.

"Where do I even begin?" Many guys find themselves asking this question. It seems difficult to come up with even a simple strategy.

Note: I have over 350 articles for men and women that have helped countless thousands find marriage and loving, long-term relationships. Even former nice guys who had trouble with women all their lives have achieved newfound success.

Right now you may believe you're supposed to just show up and women should just like you and be dying to go to bed with you.

"Women should just like me. They really should. I'm such a good guy, I'm nice and I never put up any fuss."

What if I said this is your entire problem? You're not a nice guy, because if you were, you'd treat yourself nicely FIRST above anyone else. And treating yourself nicely as a man involves having much higher standards than the rest of these dorks out here who are forever doing poorly with women.

Then you'd have the mental and emotional reserves and resources to actually show the mutual kindness you want to offer a woman in a relationship who offers you the same. NOT the "niceness" you think will get women to approve of you.