For Women: A Library of My Latest Evie Articles

"You shouldn’t be having sex and being intimate with any man during the talking stage. What you should be doing instead during this period is digging much deeper and assessing his true intentions for you and whether a committed relationship is even a remote possibility."

For Women: A Library of My Latest Evie Articles

Today I wanted to share with you (and all my young, feminine pumpkins here especially) the links to all my latest Evie Magazine articles.

These special pieces offer much insight for women on how to up their feminine game and to better understand masculine men, especially in today's dating climate.

More importantly, these articles will help provide you with expert instruction on how to be more classy and elegant and that much more desirable to masculine men.

Evie is the #1 resource on the web for today's younger generations of women who are traditionally-minded, who are looking for marriage, and who want to deviate entirely away from the culturally disastrous norm of hookup culture.

I want to thank Evie and Brittany Hugoboom personally for the opportunity to continue to write for the magazine as I was unable to for a period of time when my husband became ill and I had to step away to attend to my family affairs.

I highly recommend subscribing to Evie for the latest in news on culture, beauty, fashion, proper gender roles and relationships for women.

Hint: Men can also join too and many have.

Without further ado, you can view each of these articles by clicking below on the following links...

"Firstly, only you can know when you are ready to have sex for the first time. You need to be able to give full consent while also feeling safe, loved and cared for. You mustn’t allow yourself to be pressured by anyone to have sex when you’re not ready. And you should be with a man with whom you are in a loving, committed relationship who will be responsible for your safety and your emotional well-being, who will treasure the sacred gift of your virginity."
What To Expect The First Time You Have Sex
Having sex for the first time certainly isn’t a light or trivial issue as a woman. But many women feel the pressure from their peers (both men and women…

"Showing a lot of skin wasn’t considered sexy in the 90’s. There was a stigma attached to dressing provocatively and it caused young women to be much more selective in how much skin they would bare. Showing less skin represented so much more for both men and women alike."
The Secrets To The Real Sexiness Of The ’90s
The decade of the ’90s is making a bit of a comeback in various ways in terms of its fashion, culture, social mores, and even its attitudes toward romance.

"You shouldn’t be having sex and being intimate with any man during the talking stage. What you should be doing instead during this period is digging much deeper and assessing his true intentions for you and whether a committed relationship is even a remote possibility."
Why The “Talking Stage” Is BS
If you’re any single adult on today’s dating scene, you may be familiar with the latest dating gaffe termed “the talking stage,” where two people start…

"People are rarely concerned with the inner-workings of a man’s existence and what makes him tick. Men are in a default leadership position and are assumed to be in full control, thus they must have it all figured out and don’t need any babysitting."
6 Flirting Tricks To Make Him Obsessed With You
How can you playfully flirt with a man to convey sincere interest without going overboard or being too masculine and aggressive?

"Alas, that wonderful guy from Hinge, after dating exclusively for a number of months, asks you to marry him and you happily oblige. You begin looking at choice honeymoon spots and will finally get to use those trusty mileage points for free airfare. All is golden."
Couples Who Met Online Are More Likely To Divorce—How To Beat The Odds If You’re One Of Them
The love of your life could be one immediate swipe away on various dating platforms that are designed to put potential love interests right at your…

"Instead, you can simply acknowledge that you possess these values. You can tell him you love to make biscotti during the holiday season and bring a batch to your co-workers every year. You can confess to him how much you adore children. You can disclose that you see yourself getting married someday to the man of your dreams and you’d love to have a big family."
I’m A Male Dating Coach—Here’s What Men Actually Want
Most women are convinced that men only want good looks, sex, and provocative girlies on-call around the clock, lying around in their lacy, pleather…

"If a man truly cares about you, he will stop pressuring you. He will want you to desire him when you are ready and willing. He will want you to yearn for him without having to twist your arm, twist your words or twist up some fantastic fable about how “that’s what women should do for men and they need to stop being prudes.”
What To Do If Your Boyfriend Is Pressuring You To Have Sex
It’s exhausting and can even be hurtful when a man is pressuring you for sex long before you feel you may be ready for intimacy.

"Sex playing cards are a fascinating way to spice up your sex life on Valentine’s Day and all year round. There’s an element of surprise in each card that offers adventure and eroticism that you have may yet to discover together. It’s a fun gift of enjoyment you two can partake in mutually. There’s a wide array of playing cards available to help you explore sex in a variety of ways."
25 Romantic Gifts To Give Your Husband For Valentine’s Day To Spice Up Your Sex Life
Picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your husband can be tricky. And perhaps a bit daunting. With so many choices and different types of gifts…

"And this causes people lose to interest oftentimes immediately. When people can’t feel something for you through verbal and non-verbal communication, they can’t connect with you. And very soon, they ghost. So how can you cultivate game or 'rizz' as they call it today? And what can you do starting this very moment to be in the top 10% of people who can command attention and interest in the opposite sex and sustain it?"
How To Instantly Be In The Top 10% In A Culture With No Game
Take a look around you. Virtually everyone on the dating scene has no game, and situationships, talking stages, and ghosting reign supreme.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy this extensive library of articles, and Evie publishes numerous pieces daily on all things femininity along with the articles I'm privileged to author for them several times month.

Let me know what you think! As always, I welcome your feedback and I thank you sincerely for reading, commenting and sharing.

Love and Many Blessings,


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