Why the "Talking Stage" is BS and How to Push Through It to Get What You Really Want

"Use the talking stage to your advantage by vetting people, gauging their sincere interest and cutting them off when it's going nowhere. Don't let people waste your time and they won't."

Why the "Talking Stage" is BS and How to Push Through It to Get What You Really Want

One of today's latest dating trends making the rounds is the "talking stage" and from what I can tell, it's a real big pain in the rear end.

I think it's also very misleading as to what you can hope for in finding a committed relationship. Because the "talking stage" seems to be an umbrella term for various other things besides just talking.

When people are in the "talking stage," they also seem to be doing the following as well:

  • Sexting
  • Having sex not only with you but with several other people
  • Talking to you and also talking with several other people
  • They're bs-ing you concerning how far they're willing to go after the initial talking stage should be over
  • They're looking for ego rubs and they're farming simps and nice girls who will lavish them with said ego rubs
  • They have no intention of doing anything beyond talking. They're dopamine fiends waiting for that trusty notification from you indicating you're on the other end eagerly waiting to lap up their scraps

And on and on and on. It seems that the "talking stage" is a pseudo dating formality for people to more often than not behave like jerks. And for people to give the green light to let other people treat them like jerks.

So what should you be doing in the talking stage and how should you proceed in actually getting it to work in your favor?

Here's how: