How to Deal With a Man Who Won't Initiate a Date

"And if he's not interested in you, he will keep the same dry tone in his texts and will also continue to keep the conversation surface level and he won't make a move."

How to Deal With a Man Who Won't Initiate a Date

One of the latest trends in the dating marketplace that women are up against is a guy who acts like a limp noodle and can't seem to step it up and initiate a date.

This can be very frustrating because it definitely seems like he's into you. He loves to text, keeps the conversation going at a decent pace and perhaps even has you believing that, "If I just continue to engage with him, a date has to happen in our future eventually."

Alas, no date on the horizon. But again, he keeps watching your stories, liking your social media posts, sends texts at random times and also doesn't seem to want the conversation to drop off.

There are several possible reasons behind why he might not be asking you out on a date: