How to Get a Man to Spend All His Time With You

"Just because he wants a little time away from you doesn't mean it's over. That things are going downhill. That things have gone up in smoke and are in disrepair. He has issues to process, plans to make with you and he simply wants some time and space to begin to act on them."

How to Get a Man to Spend All His Time With You

Today we're going to be discussing how you can get a man to spend all his time with you.

Wait a second, all his time, you say?

ALL his time is a bit generous here, I know. Obviously if he's a desirable man who's on the desirable male scene making important moves and doing what men do, he's not going to be able to give you every waking moment of his time.

But you'd be surprised at just how much more time he is willing to spend with you when you apply the useful and truly priceless tips I've listed below.

I know most if not all of you require instant gratification. You're accustomed to running the dopamine rat wheel and you demand "peak experiences" from people at all times.

You need mushy gushy texts right away 24/7.

You need to let people know you like them immediately and vice versa or "they'll forget about me, lose interest and move on."

You need to lay the pressure on people nice and annoyingly thick to spend time with you otherwise they aren't going to spend any time with you.

Then you start freaking yourself out and your behavior becomes very unattractive. And when this happens, no one wants to spend any time with you. Especially no desirable man you of whom you seek a lot of his time and attention.

In my femininity coaching group for women, I help these gals to slow things down a bit. To be cool, calm and collected and therefore, very seductive to men. To be easy on a man when he's being easy on you, and not so damned easy on him he starts steamrolling you and being a d*ckhead.

I also help them to get any man hooked and clamoring to spend time with them. And here's how you can too: