Part II: Why She Friendzoned You When You Wanted a Relationship

"We are not saints, we are not infallible, we are not immortal, we are not perfect and we have flaws. And you won't find out about her real flaws until you can get past not being able to touch her like a man should."

Why she friendzoned you when you wanted a relationship part ii

It's an absolute must to continue with yesterday's discussion on why it's important for men to fully grasp where they stand in any potential relationship with a woman–and also why it's crucially important to stay out of the friendzone with any woman you're dating.

But there are a multitude of other highly nuanced reasons as to why you may have gotten friendzoned in suggesting you wanted a relationship with that great gal and she rebuffed you.

And again, it's inconvenient to say that it's "men's fault" but unfortunately, all signals point to modern men and their behavior–especially accounting for the tidal wave of simpy men on the dating scene who are programmed to the gills with the "nice guy" mentality that's near universal among modern young men.