Why She Friendzoned You After You Told Her You Wanted a Relationship

"And the truth is, she likely WAS very much into you. Until your behavior changed and she found it so off-putting, her attraction went from 1,000,000 to subzero."

Why she friendzoned you after you told her you wanted a relationship

I'm seeing a recurring pattern among modern men and women in the dating world where two really cool people will start a basic dating/courtship phase of getting to know each other, and the guy screws it all up.

Yes, I'm sorry but based on my evermore frequent observations concerning this recurring theme, especially in seeing these men getting friendzoned by these women, the fault is definitely on the part of the men.

Men's modern ideas of how to love a woman and display affection have gone off the deep end. It's a runaway disaster–and it's up to you guys out there right here, right now, reading this blog to mitigate it and prevent it from happening to you ever again in the future.

What I'm about to say is going to be ugly. It's going to err on being hurtful. It's going to drive you up the wall where it may prompt ghastly cringe flashbacks upon which you'll be revisiting your own horror story as to why you got friendzoned by a woman you swore up and down was into you.