How and Why You Need to Quit Nagging Your Man to Get Him to Do EVERYTHING You Want

"What have you done lately to encourage your man? To entrust him to do what he wants and needs to do as a man? What kind of freedom are you offering him in the relationship to contribute?"

How and Why You Need to Quit Nagging Your Man to Get Him to EVERYTHING You Want

Today I posted a series of stories on Instagram concerning traditional gender roles in marriage and how this specific dynamic plays out when the woman is a housewife and the man is the breadwinner.

It piqued many people's interest and they agreed with the entire premise behind it. And rightly so. It's the perfect setup. It hearkens back to our caveman roots where the man would go out and hunt and bring back the kill to feed his beautiful young wife and family.

Many people today have never lived in this type of environment and have never witnessed it naturally play out and therefore it is completely foreign to them. It's "icky." It "goes against everything they've ever believed" about male and female relations.

Which is understandable. They did away with this natural hierarchal dynamic 60 years ago.

Nowadays, women are conditioned to be men and men are conditioned to be women.

However, we all know well and good this doesn't work. It's been a catastrophic failure for men and women the world over.

And there are several steps you can take to mitigate this catastrophe in your own relationships and become the type of woman who inspires a man to want to WORK for you and your relationship, where the both of you can be happy, at-ease and each contribute in your respective roles...

Also, I have a Zoom femininity coaching and support group available that will help you accomplish all that I'm describing below among a multitude of other things that can help you be more feminine and commitment-worthy to masculine men.

In the meantime, let's take a closer look at how you can get any man to do what you want in not nagging him..