How to Escalate in Dating For Marriage and Where Things Will Get Rocky

"When they are not willing to openly communicate with you, you cannot force them. But you can force them to play their hand while you back away from them and allow them the space to think."

How to Escalate in Dating For Marriage and Where Things Will Get Rocky

In today's Part IV of this series on dating properly leading towards marriage, you'll recall thus far we've covered getting past date #2, red flags and green flags.

I want you to bear in mind the red flag and green flag list should be in your mental rolodex throughout your connection in these earlier dating stages.

You must make sure you keep an eye out for any of these greater and more promising signs and also, any big potential problems.

By date #3, you may have established the following in your connection:

  • They should still be highly interested and are keener in wanting to closer to you in getting to know you.
  • You should know whether or not the person is even looking for commitment at this point and if they aren't, you need to be leaning towards cutting your losses.
  • You should feel good in the connection thus far while remaining cautious in spotting red flags (while also looking for green flags).
  • The person may have disclosed a bit of their dating history and how that aligns with your own connection and the direction in which it should be headed.

And no, you shouldn't be having sex yet. And if it's a good connection and they truly like you and value you, they shouldn't have any problem with waiting. You must establish emotional intimacy with them FIRST before you even think about having sex.

Why? Because without an emotional connection, the connection will veer off into SOS territory and it soon becomes a hookup, a situationship, and a talking stage that goes nowhere, along with all the shitty feelings of defeat that occur in this devolving of the connection.

I have over 350+ articles on this blog to help you to get any person's emotional wheels turning as far as game, flirting, and how to have great conversations. So peruse them in getting closer to your potential person (or virtually any person).

And today, we're going to discuss what often happens after date #3 in dating leading towards marriage: