For Men: Is Wanting Exclusivity/Catching Feelings Too Early a Bad Thing?

"If you want sparks to fly with the right woman, the sex needs to be spectacular. And it's a harsh realization that if a woman is 'meh' about the sex and she can take it or leave it and not give it a second thought, she doesn't really like you."

Is it bad for men to want commitment to early?

I speak to many men who want serious relationships, while many women they're involved with... don't.

And somehow it's today's biggest faux pas for men to desire commitment and exclusivity from a woman. Usually they're women they're very often already sleeping with and have been dating casually for a period of time where it just makes perfect sense that the man would want to be serious.

The woman is lovely, has much to offer, seems kind and sweet and they appear to have a lot in common as a couple. But suddenly, when he broaches the subject of commitment, he gets shot down.

As a man, you are NOT in the wrong for wanting commitment. You're not a bad guy for wanting to settle down and be serious. You're not defective because you see yourself wanting to get married and have a family with a great girl–that's what we all want at the end of the day and it's a universal human pursuit to want to get married and start a family with the right person.