How and Why You Need to Be Much More Honest With Women

"So ask her out. Stop trying to be her friend and flirt with her. This is what women WANT in today's sea of liars and simpy dorks. Bring your gut with you and stop lying. And watch the women line up for you too."

How and Why You Need to Be Much More Honest With Women

If you've found yourself sifting among these pages for answers to your most pressing dating and relationship questions, chances are you may be a simp or were some form of simp or nice guy at one time.

And believe me, I totally get how you as a man ended up in this very bad disposition. Your schools, universities, entertainment and even the advice you're getting from other men has instructed you to be dorks your entire lives with women.

You can't assert yourself.

You can't be honest about your intentions.

You can't have a set of balls and take any risks.

You can't have that great girl because you don't make enough money.

And on and on.

Firstly, all of the above are baldfaced LIES. You can and most certainly should do all of the above, especially when it comes to dealing with women.

On last night's episode of The Jen-X Show, we once again discussed women's delusions and how simps everywhere feed into these delusions.

We also discussed how the late Kevin Samuels, who happened to be Gen-X, was a very honest man and made a career out of "roasting" women online i.e. being HONEST with them.

Women would line up to take a few licks to the chin from Kevin Samuels. His honesty was refreshing. Especially since all the men around them are LIARS. Thus, Kevin Samuels was a breath of fresh air for so many women.

Honesty is a man's domain.

Honesty is part of a man's makeup. Men have a built-in moral compass that is guided by ethics and truth. Which is why they can handle the truth even in all its inconvenience and harshness.

And that's because you are problem solvers by nature. You can't solve a problem without getting down to the truth of it, can you?

And a lot of these cringe simps out here suppress their truth telling instincts in favor of being PC wusses. Especially around women.

Thus, women sniff it out immediately (like I always talk about) and they reject these guys outright.

Because they know they are LYING. They're in the DMs thirsty as hell, acting a fool and buttkissing 24/7 and women are sick to death of their lies.