The Top Fatal Mistakes You're Making With Men

"He's not stupid. He's not a dummy. He knows what he has to do as a man. And women have to stop treating men like helpless little children hoping that will make them become the man they wish he would be."

The Top Fatal Mistakes You're Making With Men

The topsy turvy dating market has been very hard on everyone lately. It seems everywhere you look, you're receiving more than your fair share of horrible and downright damaging advice on what to do in your approach with the opposite sex.

And if you're a woman, chances are it's that much more difficult for you to understand men and how they think.

According to society and Western culture, as a woman, you're supposed to:

a) Be all about sex. That's where it begins and that's where it ends for women. Rear end in the air 24/7/365 and you're good to go.

b) You're supposed to shun marriage and family and kick the can down the road until you are left barren and infertile.

c) You're supposed to pursue career choices and higher education while neglecting the fact that women do in fact live on a specific timeline with a window of limited opportunity to pursue having a family.

d) You're supposed to let men use you without ever being committed to you. Be his rent-a-wife which involves domestic duties, emotional support and loyalty to men who have no intention of marrying you.

I help assist women in my Zoom femininity coaching group to avoid going down this treacherous path and preserve their femininity so they can cut through the noise, find the perfect man, get married and have a family.

I also have 350+ articles on this site that will ensure both men and women will be successful in their love life and find the loving relationship they desire.

And today we're going to discuss the most fatal mistakes women are making with men and how women can learn to understand how men think so they can find the loving, lasting relationship they truly want...