Inspiring Men Part III: What Men Really Think of Sex

"A high value man is highly sexual. He's highly desirable because of that trait alone and his sexuality is a central part of who he is. BUT he's also not one-dimensional. He doesn't think strictly with his d*ck but how his d*ck is going to go to work for him when he decides to use it."

Inspiring Men Part III: What Men Really Think of Sex

We live in a hypersexualized age of people bottlenecking the sexual marketplace landscape who just plain aren't having any sex–at the very least not any worthwhile sex that keeps them satisfied in the long run.

While many women are willing to walk around practically naked, they're often doomed to singledom unable to find a high value man of whom will commit beyond a sexual relationship.

Then you have you scores of what are now dubbed "herbivore" men (ubiquitous in developed countries like Japan) where upwards of 40% of men haven't had any sexual contact with women, some in years and some never at all.

And the phenomenon of herbivore men is becoming a mainstay in The United States as well. Which is where the rise of the pejorative "incel" made its way into mainstream discourse and it's universally acknowledged that these men aren't having sex.

With that being said, it's important for women to understand how men think in terms of sex and attraction and why attraction and sexual compatibility is crucial in any long-term relationship.

Thus in this part of the series we're going to debunk some myths, and also propagate some much needed truths, surrounding male sexuality and men's views on sex concerning women–from their willingness to have sex, to who they'll have sex with and why.

And for all intents and purposes, I'm going to expand on what high value men in particular think about women and sex because it's safe to say the demographic of women I'm serving with this information is seeking to find it useful in terms of locking down a high value man and keeping his interest.

When Sex is Easy for a Man to Get, They Will Gladly Take It or Leave It

Let's just get this out of the way right now before we move onto anything else:

High value men have a ton of options. A metric shit ton, to be exact. Options you've probably never even imagined he could have and women available to him that you'd probably rather die of asphyxiation than have to live down being compared to.

I find it frustrating to no avail that much of the groupthink surrounding red pill ideas originates from men who don't have any options. So therefore these myths are being perpetuated by low value men who insist all men:

a) Will readily have sex with any woman–ANY woman at all thus [they assume] "so will high value men" and therefore no man, high value or otherwise, will ever say no to sex.

b) Are deeply perverse in some way. The coombrain propaganda is putting a real damper on modern perceptions of male sexuality. "All men love anal and backflips onto barbed wire, ketchup showers and BDSMHIJKLMNOP."

Not true in the slightest. In fact, the hotter and more desirable the man, the more vanilla he's likely going to be. Sure there are exceptions but those exceptions don't make the rule.

A high value man doesn't need a hyper-stimulus to get off with 6/10 women like a coombrain does. The beautiful women he gets is the mother of all hyper-stimuli to him. Which is also why he's far less affected by a woman's beauty. He's seen it all a million times over.

Hint: A good litmus test for you as a woman to determine a man's value and sexual experience is if he's not thirsty. If a high value man is thirsty for you, you're either exceptionally beautiful to him or, he's not a high value man.

c) Are desperate for sex, therefore they love to pair up with promiscuous women who readily give them sex. "It only makes sense." Which is why lower value men often endorse promiscuity in women and will go hard against "slut-shaming" due to holding out hope that this will be their chance to have sex.

High value men are NOT desperate for sex. Therefore they're more likely to have a strong and visceral aversion to promiscuous women (that's where the ruthless pump and dump comes in).

High value men will use a promiscuous woman for sex and discard her, where a low value man has dreams of wifing her up and "fixing" her. Again, the mask has slipped here–low value men who don't have any options often claim to prefer promiscuous women (aLl MeN lOvE SluTS) because they feel that's their only avenue to procure sex with a woman.

Again, it's frustrating to me to have to debunk mainstream male psychology on this side of the internet because nearly all the people who are promoting these mistruths are herbivores, incels or coombrains and/or they're at some stage of recovery/rehabilitation from being herbivores, incels or coombrains.

Don't believe the hype. Because that's exactly what it is–hype. High value men don't have the same male psychology (nor standards for that matter) at all in terms of sex and women by any stretch.

Can You Manipulate a High Value Man With Sex? Yes - But Not in the Way You Might Think

High value men love sex, much like any other man. But can you control him with it like you can with a man who doesn't get sex, even less so, getting it from a beautiful woman?

Not likely.

What's likely to happen is he's going to be the one controlling YOU with sex. These guys come dashing in and are so intensely sexy they make the devil sweat. They can't be stopped and they can't be sated.

Where an herbivore type man is very passive and is going to lay in wait for a woman to throw him a bone, the masculine, high value, testosterone-replete man is going to come at you like a bulldozer and take exactly what he wants when he wants it.

But... and here's the essential part:

They LOVE to work for it too. They live to relish in the conquest, the cat and mouse games, the stratagem, the push pull, you name it, they f*cking live for it.

And the only way to control him or "manipulate" him is to, surprise, NOT give him what he wants when he f*cking wants it.

"What? Me say no to sex with a high value man? You gotta be kidding me, right?"

I'm afraid not, girls. You must engage (very artistically and sportfully) in the cat and mouse, push pull and all that painful sexual jazz that's excruciating to you but is loads of fun and excitement to him.

Thems the rules. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Can You Actually Get a High Value Man to Love You Without Being Sexual?

I'm going to have to say no on that for a number of reasons.

A high value man is highly sexual. He's highly desirable because of that trait alone and his sexuality is a central part of who he is.

BUT he's also not one-dimensional. He doesn't think strictly with his d*ck but how how his d*ck is going to go to work for him when he decides to use it.

He's got a big ego involved. An image he works very hard to maintain. A deep sense of pride in himself in which he isn't going to allow himself to be emasculated by a woman simply because he wants to have sex with her.

That's how most women tend to think of high value men:

"I will emasculate him just enough and shrink him down to size to get him to a level where I can be comfortable with him so he'll love me and stay with me."

You will NEVER accomplish emasculating a high value man in order to get him to love you or commit to you. While on the other side of that coin, he falls deeply in love with a woman who would never emasculate him but instead thrives off of his masculine sexual energy and brings it to its peak.

As you can see, a lot of intricacies involved in the psyche of a high value man that ties into his entire being that makes him high value.

Don't let the plethora of low value information floating around out yonder confuse you any longer. High value men aren't sexual bottom feeders which is why they stay at the top.

In tomorrow's column we will dive into the application of these theories and how to use them to enhance any relationship you have with a high value man.

Love and Many Blessings,


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