What You Must Do Immediately If Someone You're Dating Starts Treating You Like Shit

"Men fall in love. They honor me because I've shown myself to be honorable. They like me because I've shown myself to be likeable because I cut out all the hurtful and damaging bullshit so we can have some real honesty and intimacy in our relationship."

What You Must Do Immediately If Someone You're Dating Starts Treating You Like Shit

The epidemic of people treating each other like total shit on today's dating scene is completely out of control.

And you need to get it through your head that in virtually any relationship you have with a person henceforth will be on life support if you go along with their bullshit treatment and behavior.

This top down shit testing is everywhere you look. Because people are sizing YOU up to see if they can trust you so they can love you. And loving people has nothing to do with being a weak, compliant kissass who never raises a stink.

To add insult to injury, there is virtually no room for error. The vast majority of people are in survival mode and they have zero tolerance nor lenience towards weaker people who have no balls who let people treat them like shit.

But there is a major upside to this and below, you will learn how to use this to your utmost advantage and play people like fiddles.

People have no standards, no rules, no etiquette and they definitely don't have any balls in putting up with all this ghastly, horrifying shit from people. And it's the sole reason no one loves them and no one wants to stay.

There's a major disconnect in the psyche of many that if they don't let all these jerks steamroll them like a runaway chuck wagon that's popped off all its wheels, they are going to "lose" the person forever.

Nah. It's the fact that people don't stand up for themselves and do what's right in a relationship from the get go that people lose interest.

There's no tension that leads to the deepest attraction.

There's no trauma bonding.

There's no real excitement.

There's no incentive for people to want to work harder to win you over.

And there's definitely no incentive for people to want to earn your respect because chances are, you just plain don't have any respect for yourself.

You've now made yourself a moving target. For people to make you look and feel really stupid and foolish. And they definitely do that a lot, don't they?