How to Respond to Your Breadcrumber Ex Who Keeps Texting You Out of the Blue

"Woohoo! Look at this message I now get to read over and over again when I'm bored and need an ego boost! Thanks Sally, I can always count on you!"

How to Respond to Your Breadcrumber Ex Who Keeps Texting You Out of the Blue

It's pretty rough when someone you're in the process of leaving behind in a prior relationship decides to text you out of the blue just for kicks.

And make no mistake, 99.9% of the time, they are just doing it for kicks. To get a rise out of you. To see how far you'll jump. To see how desperate you are in the expectation that you will remain forever bewitched by them unable to let go (they so arrogantly assume).

The person being contacted in these situations is almost always the dumpee i.e. the person who got dumped because it's a safe bet that when we break up with someone, and we are the dumper, we don't usually go back. We've often checked out of the relationship long before the breakup and the breakup itself was more symbolic and ceremonial than anything else.

But just what is an ex thinking when they text you months down the line after they dumped you? Why here and why now? What exactly do they want from you?

Well, considering just how egotistical people are these days (mind you the very same set of people who are also doubly terrified of love) they get off on acting cruel to exes.

They get off on bothering you and arousing those deep loving feelings again just for the hell of it. They know they left you in a very bad position where you're heartbroken, humiliated, rejected, hurt and trying your best to weather these feelings and move on. Yet they keep coming back every 4-6-8 months.

And these egoistical, unsavory folk love to twist the knife and shove salt in the wound like they're stuffing a turkey. They're bored on a Tuesday night and since Felipe and Miranda aren't around to f*ck with tonight, let's dig up the old ex and raise hell and get them feeling like dogsh*t pronto!