How to Show Up For a Woman and Make a Great First Impression

"Again, no one is telling you to spend $400 on a first date with a woman you aren't acquainted with. But you can definitely spread your wings and fly and proceed to do something much more exciting that isn't going to break the bank."

How to Show Up For a Woman and Make a Good First Impression

A lot of guys have a hard time making a great impression with a woman upon first meeting as many of today's men remain a bit uninformed and misguided on what actually impresses a woman.

Hint: It never is and will never be about pulling out all the stops (flowers, teddy bears, handwritten cards and super expensive restaurants for strange women you're not in a relationship with), nor is it about texting a bunch of emojis and showing up emotionally like a woman.

I realize it seems I've spent an inordinate amount of time stressing to men to stop acting like women with women and for the foreseeable future, I will be further hammering that home. Because it needs to be emphasized that women expect men to show up as masculine, not effeminate...

And below I'm going to give you a few solid tips on how to show up as a masculine man and make a lasting impression on a woman that will work in your favor and won't get you dusted.

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For now, let's see how you do with the following tips...