How to Tell If Someone is Strictly Using You for Ego Rubs and What To Do About It

"Or maybe you've asked them out on a date and they left you on read. You haven't heard a peep back from them but all of the sudden you see them watching your stories and they're reacting to them and sending emojis."

How to Tell If Someone is Strictly Using You for Ego Rubs and What To Do About It

Let's face it, no one wants to admit they are being used by people strictly for ego rubs. They don't want a relationship with you now, in the future, or pretty much ever. They just want you to get right in there and rub that ego.

That's probably the sh*ttiest position to be in for anyone. That you're just a warm body taking up space for people use to syphon attention, notifications, compliments, even free meals.

And it's a huge issue in today's dating marketplace. With dopamine culture and a lot of desperation among people for approval from others running amok, there is a major rift in dating where a small percentage of people are collecting vast amounts of folks like playing cards strictly for ego boosts.

But why are they doing this? As it turns out, there are a number of reasons:

a) Many people live out their entire lives virtually online. They never have to get up off of their couch and meet anyone in person and interact with them. They can get all their emotional and psychological "needs" met in flipping through various online avatars and getting an endless amount of ego boosts.

b) Simp culture. Millions upon millions of simps living in an ongoing state of gloom and passivity are on standby waiting to give millions of women ego boosts online.

c) Fast food mentality and low efforts = maximum rewards for very little output. People can get instant gratification from others without having to do anything but show up and fit some shallow archetype that is part of the cultural norm.

d) People won't challenge them on it in any way. They won't listen to their inner moral compass that's screaming at them that they're feeding the ego of someone that's shady and up to no good.

So how do you know if you are being duped into feeding someone's ego? Let's take a look...