Red Pill Rescue Ep. 8 - What NOT to Do With Your Crush and Bad Game Examples

What not to do with your crush and bad game examples

In case you missed it, Alana and I on this week's episode of Red Pill Rescue discuss several good and bad examples of male and female game.

And of course we absolutely had to include the clip from Dazed and Confused featuring Don and his infamous punchline, "You just haven't gotten past the sniffin'...." per my article on why men need to have sex with women to not view them as sexual objects. Don no doubt deserves a standing ovation these days for telling it like it is when it comes to women.

I keep ragging on the fact that so many people today lack social skills. And it's no wonder that young people being raised in the age of the internet and 24/7 consumerist technology, people have become disconnected from their own sense of self and how they behave around others.

And I keep seeing people getting dusted right out the gate in showcasing these highly undesirable behaviors–telling a woman she's beautiful, looks like QUEAN and yelping, "ZOMG, you're my once in lifetime girl and I need to be an awkward idiot right now for your approval!" is the fastest ticket to getting nowhere with women.

In the following video Alana presents to us various game blunders along with one very solid example of a man who could game virtually anyone–just watch and witness the way he exudes charm and charisma. That's what you should be aiming for, guys.

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