The Ultimate Green Flags in Your Soon-to-Be Husband or Wife

"If you can have a frank discussion about your past (and your future surrounding your fears and concerns), the things you tend to hide from others and the trials you've faced in your existence, and they can say, 'I get it, life happens,' they truly love you and value you."

The Ultimate Green Flags in Your Soon-to-Be Husband or Wife

In our last post on this series on how to date properly leading to marriage, we discussed major red flags that are pervasive in our culture and potentially very damaging to any long-term relationship.

And yet, no one really tells us about green flags. It's clear the baseline "standards" for any relationship according to current dating culture tend to involve fuzzy feelings and fun only.

Which is a fatal mistake to assume that's what a relationship is based on because the people who believe this and swear by it tend to be dopamine junkies who haven't had anyone stress them out before and get them whipped.


A really great long-term relationship leading to marriage is definitely going to be about fuzzy feelings and fun. But it's also going to involve you wanting to work together as a couple through ups and downs that are inevitable.

And always remember, this is not a horrible thing by any stretch. You pair bond with people even further in solving problems and working through them together.

I'm sure you've seen countless diatribes on the internet involving folks who are whipped and they all seem to share several things in common:

They feel lots of tension, stress, obsession, put in lots of effort with lots of time invested, along with a slew of emotional expenditure in trying to keep the relationship intact (and unfortunately they're too often wasting it on the WRONG people which is whole other subject for another time).

None of this can be achieved only through surface level fun. It's achieved in loving and learning together in every possible way as a couple.

And the following are some key green flags that the person is a keeper and is very much cut out for marriage: