How Long Should You Wait for Him to Make Up His Mind About You?

"His actions will tell you everything you need to know. Whether they're good or bad, they are indicative as to exactly where your relationship is headed."

How long should you wait for him to make up his mind about you?

I happen upon this question frequently whether it's sent directly to me in the IG DMs or coming across a plethora of this very same question posed all over social media.

And with many women "feeling the heat" of increasing age and childlessness creeping in, time is of the essence. And it serves no woman on earth any purpose at all to wait for a man to "make up his mind" concerning any aspect about a serious relationship.

Because the truth is, if he truly wants you, he isn't going to make it too difficult for you to be with him. It's always the man who doesn't want to be with you who makes things difficult.