Why You're Doing So Badly With Women and How to Fix It Forever

"Millions of men are in women's DMs thirsting out like drooling bozos who are desperate for attention and validation from any woman that will give them the time of day. And women are sick of it."

Why You're Doing So Badly With Women and How to Fix It Forever

Today's dating climate is rough. And no one can deny that it's rough. I see incessant complaints about it social media and there are no signs of it letting up anytime soon.

People are expendable. People are undesirable solely because of their behavior. People are lost because they're dopamine junkies looking for the next meaningless quick-fix.

People don't recognize the value in others because so many are weak-minded and weak-willed. They stand for nothing and therefore fall for a lot of bait and switch bullshit from men and women alike.

On last night's episode of The Jen-X Show, I discussed how even high value men don't seem to have to chance in hell in this topsy turvy dating market. They too are getting laid and getting ditched left and right.

However, as a man, you just need game. Real game. Not the lame game bs lots of red pill guys are trying to sell you, rather, you need to really discover inside you as a man how you can get out there and kill it.

And you WILL kill it in implementing the many things I talk about here and on my YouTube show on the daily. It's actually THAT much easier for you as a man when your game is tight.

I assist guys in transforming themselves into casanovas with women. And first things first, you have to understand that your behavior towards women is KEY.

Now, it's important that you don't be too hard on yourself because you're certainly not alone. Millions of guys in today's dating culture are following all the wrong rules to the letter. And that many more are instructing you on how to be just as terrible with women as they are.

Again, all is not lost. And the following information will help give you a much wider perspective on how to tackle these cultural dating issues as a man and get solid results.

So let's dive in here....