Aly and Jenny: Does Body Count Really Matter?

Does body count matter?

In case you missed it, Aly from the @realfemsapien channel and I had an animated discussion about nice guys, Madonna/whorism, "conditional" femininity and why "body counts" today are a growing concern among men and women in today's dating marketplace.

Bottom line is, yes, body count absolutely matters. And neither Aly nor myself endorse sleeping with lots of people. And we definitely encourage women to be selective with whom they do sleep with and to be monogamous.

I talk to many married women on the daily who enjoy very fulfilling sex lives with their husbands, with both Aly and I being among that group of women who relish in monogamous, married sex. It is possible to be with a man who can be that super sexy guy who's also a protector, provider and a great father to your children.

Ideally, that's what you want–a man who can do all of the above so you don't have to settle for the beta provider and you don't have to get ran through by Chads who will never commit.

We raised quite a stir with this video discussion with lots of colorful comments (lol) coming from various men who don't agree with much of what I had to say. Wonder why?

The 90 min. discussion can be found below:

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