How to Spot and Protect Yourself From a Lovebomber

"Narcissism now reigns supreme among many in the Western world. Everyone thinks they're a model, an actor, a guru, etc., and they insist it makes them 'special' and worth fawning over."

How to spot a lovebomber

Many odd people these days are vested in all kinds of cryptic hostility and dirty tricks in today's dating marketplace.

They get up to ghosting you completely while hanging around in the destruction and aftermath and continuing to like your Instagram posts (sometimes referred to as "haunting"). All while leaving you wondering why and making you feel like crap in the process.

Or they're introducing you to their parents then telling you a week later they don't want an exclusive relationship. "Here honey, meet the people closest to me meanwhile I don't like you and don't give a sh*t about you."

Who the hell does that? Apparently a lot of people do. It's pretty sick thing too, isn't it?

I hail from an era where we didn't have social media and dating apps at our disposal so we couldn't treat people like nonessential garbage while still hanging around in their lives for some unexplained reason with the sole purpose of driving them crazy.