How Would You Cancel This Date?

"I repeat, no one is ever going to communicate with you when you demand it of them like a thirsty, angry banshee who wants his/her dopamine shot to the dome right now, other people's feelings be damned."

How Would You Cancel This Date?

There is no end in sight to the horrible social behavior erring on lunacy in today's dating marketplace and this week's edition of bad dating etiquette and having zero game on Reddit is a real doozy.

I'm here to help you navigate today's dating scene with the utmost in expert knowledge in not only exposing people's bad behavior, but also helping you see exactly what all these other folks are doing wrong out here so that you can get it right.

Once again, the dopamine-charged madness that's engulfing and sabotaging these folks should be shocking to you.

You should be wincing at it in revulsion like I do.

You should be shaking your head and asking yourself, "What in the literal hell is wrong here and WHY on earth do people think this is ever a good approach?"