Does Corporate America Want Women to Be Single and Childless?

"Like she said, worker bees. All you have to do is work, make money, sit behind a phone screen and die. Forget about all the important stuff outside of work life that actually matters and provides people with a real purpose. Especially having a family."

Does Corporate America Want Women to Be Single and Childless?

I wanted to take a bit of a brief intermission on the current "Why You Can't Find a Relationship" series (will be picking right up where I left off tomorrow night) this evening and present you with this very important and popular post I saw last week on Reddit entitled, "Corporate America Wants Women to Be Single and Childless."

The post rings much truth. Why does there appear to be an ever-reaching agenda to keep young, fertile women perpetually single and childless? Like me, I'm certain you've seen the onslaught of messaging everywhere on full blast insisting women need cold hard cash and careers, not men.

It's a constant barrage of, "Women don't need no man. Stay single, ladies. Cheers!" And it's everywhere lately, especially. I've noticed a very dramatic uptick in this messaging in the last year in particular.

A couple months back on one of my streams I discussed how people of all stripes who are against marriage and family are essentially promoting communism. It's listed in "The Communist Manifesto" that breaking up the family unit is essential to reign in a communist utopia.

The woman below instead describes it as corporatism. Regardless of what "ism" and slant you want to use and plug-in into this nefarious plot, the end result is the same.

The goal is disintegration of the family unit so that we must rely on corporatism/big government to run our lives.

Let's take look at what this woman has to say:

"I can't help feeling like this push for women to view being lonely and isolated as 'empowerment' is largely because of corporate interests.
By 2030, they say 45% of women will be childless and not have families. One look at the propaganda on TikTok and Twitter and you can see where they get this prediction from.
The view of "marriage is slavery" is trending and more and more young women are liking and sharing these videos.

Correct. The propaganda is everywhere. And it's coming at us from all directions. Red pill, feminists, Oprah, Cardi B., Blackrock,  you name it. You would be hard pressed to not find this propaganda being shoved down your throat day and night, every hour on the hour.

According to Evie Magazine, Morgan Stanley published an article gleefully highlighting women's role in the workforce stating the above that "45% of women will be single and childless by 2030."

I suppose the corporatist angle is succinct. Morgan Stanley?

I am 40yrs old, married and have a kid. And I can tell you that the people who I know that stayed single and don't have kids are waaaaaaay more depressed than my friends who do. And that goes for both men and women I know. But on the flip side, this also makes them better workers because they're more available to meet employer demands.

Anecdotal to be sure, but I'm certain there's a correlation between herself and her married friends' purported happiness vs. her single and childless friends.

"Thou doth protest too much" is all over social media with scores of millennial women making bohemian boogie/Middle Eastern excursion videos explaining away how "happy" they are being unmarried and childless.

They are on a never-ending quest to show YOU how happy they are. Along with the corporate propagandists, they have to convince you and the rest of the world that their lives have meaning without a husband and children.

They don't have to leave early to pickup their kids, or come in late because of doctor's appointments, and take far less sick days. In addition to this, people with kids will always put the needs of their families ahead of anything else, and corporate America know this.

Anecdotal on my part, but a long-standing theme in the 90's and aughts as I recall was women with children being depicted in films being passed over for corporate jobs because corporations understood the "liability" in hiring mothers. They didn't want to pay for maternity leave and didn't want any good worker bees taking any extended time off to care for children.

If women purposely choose to not date, get married, and by extension, not have kids, this will isolate both men and women. And thus eliminate more distractions from them both being good little worker bees.

Like she said, worker bees. All you have to do is work, make money, sit behind a phone screen and die. Forget about all the important stuff outside of work life that actually matters and provides people with a real purpose. Especially having a family.

I know a lot of people these days view having a family as a "chore". But I can tell you as someone who never thought I wanted to have kids that is by far the most rewarding part of the human experience.

This is also true. Personally, I never knew what unconditional love really meant until I held my babies in my arms and understood by instinct I would throw myself in front a freight train without hesitation in a heartbeat to protect them.

That's not a chore. It's love and the nurturing and preservation of it beyond human measure. A mother's love is so powerful that it's indescribable. Imagine loving someone more than you love yourself? Nah, these corporate stooges can't fathom that. They insist women need to love their jobs more!

So much of the superficial bullshit and worries you have gets lifted and a strong sense of purpose and understanding comes from the responsibility having a child. And the confidence! The confidence boost that comes the second your child opens their eyes and looks at you is something a lot of people don't talk about.

They really don't talk about loving your child, do they? Otherwise that might actually inspire women to want to have children. Can't have that, no way, no how!

My mother said to me many years ago, "A woman doesn't really become a real woman until she has children." That always stuck with me. And I understood what she meant instinctively. My mother wasn't ideological, she was on the side of human nature. It's human nature for women to want to love and nurture a child.

Especially in an age where EVERYBODY is on anti-depressants. I'm sure the pharmaceutical companies are more than ecstatic that half the population is choosing to be isolated from the other half.

Right again. Record numbers of women are having to take pills to fill the void in their lives. And the specific messaging behind it runs along the same lines...

"Feel empty? Take a pill. Fill yourselves with PILLS. Yummy, yummy PILLS."

Surprisingly, many people on Reddit of all places shared the same sentiments and agreed with her. Along with some of the usual liberal pushback typical of the Reddit echo chamber.

I suspect the resonating of her message had more to do with the corporatist slant but regardless, her message was heard loud and clear.

Ladies, I want you to take some serious time to ponder getting married and having children and what that will mean for you. Set aside the ideology, the misgivings brought on by the shaming of your peers, and the propaganda.

Think about what marriage and children really represents to you as a woman. And how you picture yourself serving others in the loving, feminine and nurturing capacity of both.

It feels like a dream, because it is. It's the dream life every woman wants deep down when the TV isn't blaring insisting women everywhere do otherwise.

Because one day, you won't be 27 anymore. It's your future that is at stake, and none of these people can live your life for you. But they can certainly make you miserable in endlessly confusing you that family isn't the way.

Sure worked out for them didn't it? Crabs in a bucket, the lot of them. They don't want you to be happy and make promising life choices, because they didn't.

Love and Many Blessings,


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