Must-Have Social Media Strategies Guaranteed to Get People Chasing You

"So you need to ask yourself, what side do you want to be on here? The consistent losery side where you feed everyone's ego and feel stupid every time? Or the always winning side where all their attention and interest will be on you?"

Must-Have Social Media Strategies Guaranteed to Get People Chasing You

I had a young gentleman who's been with me since I began writing about relationships on this here site ask me what he should do about social media shenanigans involving people and their various levels of aloofness, fickleness and being a real pain in the ass. Of which no one can argue there are many.

Just what are these "social media shenanigans" involving the more in-depth specifics, you ask?

Here's a few of the major biggies:

  • The tirekicker who's always looking at your stories and liking your pictures but doesn't speak to you otherwise. It seems like they are doing it to annoy you because they are.
  • The exes hanging around insisting on remaining in your life for years because they are nosy, keeping score and don't want you to move on from them.
  • People who use social media to parade other people in your face because you are a pawn in their hefty, secret stash dopamine supply (of which there are many willing participants, you're not special and you're NOT the only one).
  • The people who remain in an indefinite talking stage with you where they absolutely love to talk, just not about anything worthwhile or important that could lead to a much more meaningful connection.
  • People you cut off and dust and they aren't even in your network (you don't follow them and they don't follow you) but they still watch all your stories, try to add you back occasionally, and maybe even try to DM you "heyyy" a year or two after you ditched them. Probably even try to contact you on other social media sites where again, they are not in your network and never will be again (but want to be).

What if I told you there is a way to have ALL the power in these various situations? To where you don't have to do a single thing except sit there and exist and live a great life?