The Ick - What It Is and Why You Feel the Ick With Lots of People

"So that's 2 desirable men proposing, and 2 desirable men who are wanting something more serious. With all 4 of them being in love with her. With no sex, no bs, and no games."

The Ick - What It Is and Why You Feel the Ick With Lots of People

Greetings everyone, you'll be glad to know that I'm now wrapping up this series on "Why You Can't Find and Relationship" and in this very post, we're going to discuss icks, "competition" (for icks) among others, and why you have to be more honest about what you want in a relationship.

The "ick" phenomenon is a very big issue on the dating scene. People will get the "ick" in being in the company of others and suddenly get turned off and ghost.

The "ick" itself has a great deal to do with the social awkwardness that is raging out of control in the dating marketplace. And since our culture emphasizes socially awkward behavior as being the norm, it's common to get the ick from any number of people you may be dating.

These icks have now become well-established patterns in the dating sphere. These behaviors that repel folks on the dating scene are seen as markers of "what you're supposed to do to find a relationship."

Be a dork, get the girl.

Be hypersexualized and really trashy, get the guy.

These cultural low standards are patently terrible, they will never work and millions of people can't find relationships because they engage in these behaviors. The "ick" is so commonplace that people run far and fast at any first sign of them.