Ultimate Power Moves For Women to Make Him Want Only You

"A lot of these masculinized women will fight with a man. Spar with him and be a smartass to him. I won't. I just duck out and do something that makes me feel prettier, more alive and much more at ease in my own energy that I always work to preserve."

Ultimate Power Moves For Women to Make Him Want Only You

Power moves for women? Yes, indeedy. There's much power to be had for women when they are feminine, have morals and boundaries, and take their position with men much more seriously.

Much of what women deem "power" in their relationships with men derives from being in a very powerless position. Allow me to explain...

For modern women, they believe it's empowering to:

  • Be the pursuer, be aggressive and chase men.
  • Have casual sex like men and hookup.
  • Give their all to men i.e. cooking, cleaning, paying half, all manner of sex, emotional support and loyalty to men who will never commit to them.
  • Have a competitive attitude towards men and neglect to understand what men actually find attractive and desire in a woman. They insist, "I'm a breadwinner, a go-getter, I am persistent, I am driven, etc." is what makes women attractive.

And the vast majority of these self-proclaimed "empowered" women on today's dating scene are single. They believe that being a man is what it takes to land a man.

Men don't want another dude. They want a woman.

And there's REAL power in being a woman. An actual good woman that men want to hold onto for dear life and will never let her go.

So let's take a look at how you can be that much more powerful with men and make them want you bad...